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People in the Eden, NC area trust Scott Automotive for their auto repairs. Customers know we provide competent, professional services at reasonable prices. And, we do not scrimp by using low-quality, low-cost parts or accessories. We use only the best. You can count on that!

Every vehicle brought in for auto repairs will be put through an auto diagnostic test. This test provides our trained technicians with insight into what is the cause of your malfunctioning vehicle. Your technician will also perform a 31-point inspection test to make certain everything is operating as intended. Any discrepancy will be studied and fixed as needed.

Perhaps you are experiencing a rough ride. You suddenly notice your vehicle hitting bottom when driving over a pot hole or other road imperfection. Or, you might also notice your steering is becoming more difficult to handle. It sounds like you need suspension service. Suspension service involves shock absorbers, front-end alignments, springs, and other associated parts. This is a specialized auto repair that our experts can handle with ease.

One of the most important ways to lower your risks of facing large auto repair bills is by having scheduled preventive maintenance auto repairs done. Your vehicle came with a manufacturer's recommended schedule. Sticking with this schedule improves your vehicle's longevity and safety. Our technicians can handle that for you.

Preventive maintenance can include tune-ups, transmission fluid flushing and refilling, brake fluid flushing and changing, tire check-ups, radiator flushing and refilling, plus filter replacements.

You can count on receiving an easy-to-understand auto repair bill at the conclusion of every job. Feel free to ask questions. We firmly believe a well-informed customer builds a lasting, beneficial relationship. We welcome questions!

Give us a call and talk with our professionals about how we can help with your auto repairs.

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