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Scott Automotive loves providing transmission repairs to motorists in the Eden, NC area. This specialized form of automotive care requires advanced training, industry certification, and knowledge about all vehicle types.

Transmissions are what keep your car moving. Engines keep it running. Perhaps you are driving along the freeway when suddenly you notice your gears are not shifting properly. Something is slipping or you hear a loud whining noise that occurs without your car advancing to the next gear. You probably need auto transmission repair.

If you can move your car, drive it to our shop. Our technician will perform a transmission inspection. This includes a visual inspection, diagnostic test, and 31-point inspection. All will reveal the cause of your transmission concern.

You can be assured our prices are lower than your local car dealership. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all transmission repairs done by our trained technicians. Our trained experts can perform a number of transmission repairs including resealing, gearbox replacements, transmission fluid flushes, and other services.

Every transmission repairs job involves a road test. Our technician will take your vehicle out onto the road and put it through a number of real-life driving situations to test your repaired vehicle. This includes testing your drive, neutral, reverse, and different gears. Your upshift, downshift, and parking hold will be tested. This entire process takes about 20 minutes.

If needed, our experts at Scott Automotive can rebuild any transmission and install it. We use only industry recommended parts, adhesives, fluids, and accessories. Our rebuilt transmissions are cheaper than a new transmission. It's hard to say whether your transmission repair cost would be lower than a rebuilt transmission. It depends on your individual situation.

Our trained technicians have experience in all types of transmission repairs. Just talk with us to find out how we can help.

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